Tower Force Times – Vol 9 – Weir Height And Downcomer Clearance Importance!

Tower Force - Pressure Vessel Specialists

A BBQ benefiting “The Wheelhouse” at Tower Force Sept. 6th

Tower Force will be hosting a BBQ event at our shop at 4804 Railroad in Deer Park on September 6th at 11:30 am. This event is for our employees, alliance partners and clients to attend. The BBQ will be provided by Burnt Offerings BBQ in benefit to The Wheelhouse in Deer Park Texas. Please come out and join us. We look forward to seeing you!

For more information about The Wheelhouse click here


The importance of weir height and downcomer clearance

The importance of a weir is so that up-flowing vapors do not got through the downcomers. They create a liquid seal. That is why the height is critical in installation. The downcomer is interrelated with the weir in that the smaller the clearance between it and the weir creates a more stable tray set up.

If you have any questions, or need any help please don’t hesitate to contact us or request a quote



Tower Force Race Team will be at MSR Houston August 31st

The Tower Force race team is having a successful season being currently first in points for the Southwest Division Championship. The final race will be August 31st at 1:30 pm at the MSR Houston race track in Angleton, Texas.




Manpower woes and rising costs

Mr. Whitney Strickland’s latest article in BIC magazine deals with manpower issues for turnarounds and projects. His article gives some insights on reducing manpower problems by utilizing specialty contractors. To read the full article click here Email him at


Tower Force Times – Vol 8 – We Are Attending MaRs!!

Tower Force - Pressure Vessel Specialists

Tower Force will be at MaRS August 7-9

Tower Force will be in attendance at the upcoming Maintenance and Reliability Symposium. This symposium is hosted by the Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals. The symposium is to be held at the Galveston Moody Gardens Hotel located in Galveston, TX. There will be a Golf Tournament on Wednesday August 7th at the Moody Gardens Golf Course and then the trade show will be August 8th and 9th from 8am to 5pm. Tower Force will be in booth #10. Please come by and visit us.

For more information visit





Tower Force Race Team will be at MSR Houston August 31st


The Tower Force race team is having a successful season being currently first in points for the Southwest Division Championship. The final race will be August 31st at 1:30 pm at the MSR Houston racetrack in Angleton, Texas.



Keith Hurst turns 60!


Mr. Keith Hurst, President and Founder of Tower Force, is turning 60 this Tuesday July 16th. Mr. Hurst started humbly working at his father’s fabrication shop when he was young learning metallurgy, vessel fabrication and how to manage personnel. He then went to Canatex, a vessel specialty contractor, for many years before starting a company called Tiger Tower which was sold in 2013. He started Tower Force in 2014 and continues the legacy of safe, quality and on schedule projects. Email him a Happy Birthday at

Tower Force Times – Vol 7 – Tower Force To Attend LCIA Tradeshow!

Tower Force - Pressure Vessel Specialists

Tower Force to attend LCIA Tradeshow

Tower Force will be in attendance at the LCIA Region 4 tradeshow on June 20th at the L’auberge Resort and Casino in Lake Charles Louisiana. Please come by and see us.


Whitney Strickland

The key to a successful business: Hire great people by Whitney Strickland

The key to hiring great people is to have great leadership in the first place. Hiring someone just because of their certifications can be a huge mistake. At Tower Force we believe attitude and a willingness to work with others trumps education and platitudes. click here for full article



Safe Disposal of Unused, Misfired, or “Dud” Fireworks

1.    Once they have completely burned, fully submerge fireworks in a large bucket of water and soak until thoroughly saturated. This may take 15 minutes for small fireworks or several hours for larger ones.

2.    Double wrap the completely soaked fireworks in plastic wrap or two plastic bags so they do not dry out.

3.    Place the double-bagged fireworks in the household trash or bring them to your local solid waste facility.

4.    Ask your local fire department or solid waste facility about other disposal options that may be available in your community.

Fireworks Safety Tips for the Fourth of July
Follow these tips when using fireworks to ensure you and your family have a fun and safe Fourth of July.

July 4 celebrates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence—and for many people, the celebration includes fireworks. Americans have been setting off fireworks to celebrate their independence since as early as 1777.

Yet, the thrill of colors exploding in the sky comes with dangers as well. On average, over 250 people go to the emergency room each day with  fireworks-related injuries  in the month leading up to Independence Day.

Follow these tips when using fireworks to ensure you and your family have a fun and safe holiday.

1.    Make sure fireworks are legal in your locality and state before buying or using them. Even if your state allows fireworks, that doesn’t mean that your county, town, or city permit their use.

2.    Never let young children play with or set off fireworks.

3.    Don’t carry fireworks in your pocket or shoot them off in metal or glass containers.

4.    Never place any part of your body directly over a fireworks device when lighting the fuse. Back up to a safe distance immediately after lighting fireworks.

5.    Keep a bucket of water or a garden hose handy in case of fire.

6.    Never re-light or immediately pick up fireworks that have not ignited fully.


Tower Force Times – Vol 6 – Window Section Resection Method

Tower Force - Pressure Vessel Specialists


Tower Force will be at the AFPM R&M show

Tower Force will be in booth 307 at the AFPM show which will be held in Grapevine, TX. Also, Whitney Strickland will be presenting a technical paper on pressure vessel repairs during the show. For more information on the AFPM R&M Show visit





Window Section Resection Method - Pressure Vessel specialists

Window Section Resection Method to be presented at AFPM

Whitney Strickland of Tower Force will be presenting “Methods, Motivations and Gains of the Window Section Resection Method for Column/Vessel Turnarounds” during the tech talk period at the AFPM in Grapevine, TX. The tech talk will be at 4:15pm in the exhibit hall at the Gaylord Texan Convention center.




Tower Force does global

Tower Force has provided Technicians for many years around the globe. Our technicians work with local contractors with some mechanical knowledge but may not have the know how of proper installation of internals. Also, in some cases like recently for a Caribbean Island customer Tower Force can provide the entire crew and tools and equipment. Our tools and equipment are shipped in a seaworthy container seen here and then the crews and supervision fly in to perform the project.




                Name the Part Challenge

Tower Force will be doing a “Name the Part Challenge” during the 3 day AFPM Reliability and Maintenance show. Each day a different part will show up on LinkedIn then you can come by our booth #307 for some special recognition and a little tech talk.


Check us out on LinkedIn



Tower Force Times – Vol 5 – Turnaround “Premortem” Exams?

Tower Force - Pressure Vessel Specialists

Imagine a failing Turnaround before it’s even begun…

Wouldn’t it be great to know your turnaround was going to fail before you even started? By doing a ‘premortem’ exam on your turnaround you can avoid costly mistakes or even a major safety incident. This months’ article by Whitney Strickland addresses just this topic. (Excerpt below)

“We all know what a postmortem examination is. In a criminal investigation, an autopsy is performed because the victim’s body will most likely hold clues to the cause of death or who did it. Postmortem exams on family members can also help us better understand some diseases and genetic tendencies and provide insights for possible cures for future generations.

On projects like turnarounds, we have postmortem exams, too. Accounting is a postmortem event. It tells us whether or not we came in on budget or how much we went over budget. We are supposed to learn from our mistakes and take the lessons forward, which works well in theory but is not done often enough in the real world. It should be…”

For the full article click here




The Wheelhouse Golf Tournament


Tower Force supports The Wheelhouse in Deer Park!

Tower Force is a major sponsor in the annual Wheelhouse Golf Tournament coming up Friday May 3rd. The Wheelhouse has been a mainstay in Deer Park since 1953 helping men recover from alcoholism and drug addiction. The program at The Wheelhouse is a spiritual based program and the first 30 days is totally free for the men who reside there. Please help us by coming out and supporting the golf tournament.

For more information visit


AFPM Reliability and Maintenance Show

The AFPM Reliability and Maintenance show is May 21st-23rd

Tower Force will be in booth 207 at the AFPM show which will be held in Grapevine, TX.

Also, Whitney Strickland will be presenting a technical paper on pressure vessel repairs during the show.

For more information on the AFPM R&M Show visit




Noe Reyna and Juanita get hitched!

Tower Force wants to congratulate long time Project Manager Noe Reyna on his recent marriage to his beautiful bride Juanita.

Noe has been an integral part of the Tower Force success taking care of clients such as Valero, Oxy and Evonik.

We wish him a long and happy marriage!




Tower Force Times – Vol 4 – We Will Be At PMIES!

Tower Force - Pressure Vessel Specialists


Plant Maintenance, Inspection and Engineering Society

Tower Force will be at PMIES!


Tower Force will be attending the upcoming Plant Maintenance Inspection and Engineering Society’s (PMIES) Pasadena Trade show.

We will be in booth #521. Free hot dogs and drinks will be served as well as a ton of industry knowledge. The show is at the Pasadena Convention Center on Fairmont Parkway from 8am to 4pm.

For more information visit


Mr. Keith Hurst and team place 2nd at the GPA annual skeet shoot!!GPA Skeet Shooting Event


Tower Force supported the GPA event this past week and came away with a terrific 2nd place finish.

This was no small feat considering there were over 30 teams competing. Congrats!



Pressure Vessel Specialists Mousepad


The ‘intelligent’ mouse pad

Wow your contacts when you are on the phone when you give them gasket dimensions for a 4″ 600 series flange or have a handy reminder for metals when looking at the prints the boss just gave you. Come by the office or see us at a trade show and we will give you one of these handy mouse pads!




Safe Pressure Vessel Specialists

Safety: Let’s practice what we preach

Whitney Strickland of Tower Force has been a contributor to industry magazines for nearly 20 years. His latest article focuses on Safety and the need for us to all be involved and not just say we are safe.

For the full article click here







Tower Force Times – Vol 3 – Time To Give Back – Other Updates!

Tower Force - Pressure Vessel Specialists

The Wheelhouse


Tower Force Gives Back! 

Tower Force recently loaned its facilities to volunteers from The Wheelhouse in Deer Park Texas for the use of fabricating bunk beds. These bunk beds will enable The Wheelhouse to serve more men recovering from alcohol and drug addiction. Materials and bedding were bought through a generous donation by the Jon and Jacqueline Hodges Charitable Foundation. To learn more about The Wheelhouse click below:

The Wheelhouse





Blake Arbour - VP of Business Development




Mr. Blake Arbour joins Tower Force as VP Business Development           

We are very pleased to have Blake Arbour on the Tower Force Team. Blake has had a long relationship and camaraderie with many within our ranks. Blake has experience as general manager, estimating, sales and construction management with a degree from the Louisiana State University. Mr. Arbour will be working with Mr. Whitney Strickland as VP Business Development.




Tower Force FRC Coveralls



New FRC Coveralls

If you are currently working for Tower Force at a jobsite please contact your supervisor to get a pair of the new Tower Force coveralls featuring our new logo. Or you can contact Willy Smyt at the office. We want everyone to look as professional as our work!





Tower Force - Cali Contractor Liscense



California here we come

Tower Force of California is ready for work in your facility on any of your tower internals needs. We have done all the necessary paperwork to start serving our clients in the State of California. Please call 281-506-7152 or email for any inquiries.





Tower Force Open For Business In California!

Tower Force - Pressure Vessel Specialists

Open For Business In California!

Tower Force is ready for inquiries in California for tower internals work for any type of facility. Our team of specialists will get your project or turnaround done in a safe, timely and cost-effective manner.

Our estimators, managers and craftsmen are ready to serve you please call us at 281-506-7152 or via email at


Tower Force of California, LLC

The Pressure Vessel Specialists


Tower Force Times – Vol 2 – Zero TRIR For 2018!

Tower Force - Pressure Vessel Specialists

Tower Force management would like to thank all our employees, partners and clients for a perfect safety record of ZERO TRIR* for 2018!

This accomplishment can only happen because of our dedicated team of craftsmen and supervisors.
If you would like to join our team please call us at 281-506-7152.
Thank you to all our employees and clients for making this possible!


Pressure Vessel Job Box


*Total Recordable Incident Rate

TowerForce Times – Vol 1 – Westlake Accolades!



Tower Force gets a new Look!


We are starting 2019 with a new look. We have changed our logo to more reflect what we do as well as updated our website to give you and our customers the information they need!

Pressure Vessel Specialists

Get on board for the 2019 Turnarounds

In order to get on the list for our turnarounds at the first of the year 2019 you need to contact Nissa at 281-506-7152.

Have your name, craft, social security number and any qualifications ready such as TWIC and/or safety council.

Click here to apply



Whitney Strickland



Tower Force adds Mr. Whitney Strickland as VP Sales

Mr. Whitney Strickland has joined the Tower Force team as our Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Mr. Strickland brings a wealth of experience and industry knowledge with him from starting as a laborer    when he was a teenager to working his way up to an executive at a major General Contractor. We welcome Mr. Strickland and look forward to growing and prospering with the help of his direction.



Tower Force receives accolades for Westlake Project!

Westlake Chemical Appreciation Letter



Westlake Chemical sends Appreciation letter

Westlake Chemical recently employed the Tower Force Team at their Aberdeen Mississippi facility. The project involved the retray of a stripper column.

After the project was completed Tower Force received a letter of appreciation from the Process engineer, the Project Engineer and Plant Manager of Westlake.

Here are some excerpts from that letter “Working with your crew was an absolute pleasure”, “Your crew was patient and worked through it with us all”, “When we retray another stripper column we sincerely hope to work with you again!” We thank Westlake for their support and can’t wait to work for them another time.



If you have any questions or would like to see what Tower Force can do for you, please do not hesitate to reach out! 

Click Here to contact us online, or call us at 281-506-7152 and we would be happy to assist!