Tower Force Times – Vol 5 – Turnaround “Premortem” Exams?

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Imagine a failing Turnaround before it’s even begun…

Wouldn’t it be great to know your turnaround was going to fail before you even started? By doing a ‘premortem’ exam on your turnaround you can avoid costly mistakes or even a major safety incident. This months’ article by Whitney Strickland addresses just this topic. (Excerpt below)

“We all know what a postmortem examination is. In a criminal investigation, an autopsy is performed because the victim’s body will most likely hold clues to the cause of death or who did it. Postmortem exams on family members can also help us better understand some diseases and genetic tendencies and provide insights for possible cures for future generations.

On projects like turnarounds, we have postmortem exams, too. Accounting is a postmortem event. It tells us whether or not we came in on budget or how much we went over budget. We are supposed to learn from our mistakes and take the lessons forward, which works well in theory but is not done often enough in the real world. It should be…”

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The Wheelhouse Golf Tournament


Tower Force supports The Wheelhouse in Deer Park!

Tower Force is a major sponsor in the annual Wheelhouse Golf Tournament coming up Friday May 3rd. The Wheelhouse has been a mainstay in Deer Park since 1953 helping men recover from alcoholism and drug addiction. The program at The Wheelhouse is a spiritual based program and the first 30 days is totally free for the men who reside there. Please help us by coming out and supporting the golf tournament.

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AFPM Reliability and Maintenance Show

The AFPM Reliability and Maintenance show is May 21st-23rd

Tower Force will be in booth 207 at the AFPM show which will be held in Grapevine, TX.

Also, Whitney Strickland will be presenting a technical paper on pressure vessel repairs during the show.

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Noe Reyna and Juanita get hitched!

Tower Force wants to congratulate long time Project Manager Noe Reyna on his recent marriage to his beautiful bride Juanita.

Noe has been an integral part of the Tower Force success taking care of clients such as Valero, Oxy and Evonik.

We wish him a long and happy marriage!