Tower Force Times – Vol 16 – Pre-TA Activities save time and costs

Pre-TA Activities save time and costs

Pre-Turnaround Activities saves costs

Tower Force field service crews are well versed in what needs to be done before your project in order to make it the most efficient and cost effective. Our crews will arrive to your site to inventory all components and parts as well as ensure the trays, packing and other internals can fit as specified. It is very important that any spare parts you may be warehousing also be inspected on a regular basis. Please call if you need any inspection done 281-506-7152.




Tower Force working through COVID-19

The field service crews at Tower Force are working hard to keep our country going. Noe Reyna and crew just finished up in Wyoming with zero safety incidents on a two tower project involving opening, cleaning, inspecting and repair as needed. The team all got back home safely.




Happy April Birthday to our Employees!

Tower Force wishes a Happy February Birthday to these employees!


Alvino Garcia, Francisco Yangco, Carlos Santos, Luis Castillo, Francisco Rodriguez, Martin Lozano, Angel Salazar Sr., Juan Mares, Luis Gutierrez-Valdes, Jose Almaguer, Francisco Leos, Joel Bowers, Samuel Castillo Mesa, Bernardo Olvera, Armando Trevino, Selvin Gonzalez, Luis Espinoza Jr., Antonio Vasquez, Victor Guevara, Juam Bravo Gonzalez, Cayn Chavez, Samuel Cortez, Cesar Galvan, Timothy Deans, Josue Perez, Chris Hayter, Hector Gonzalez-Lerma, Fernando Galvan, Carlos Guerrero, Mario Gutierrez, Oscar Guzman, Erik Espinoza, Abraham Limon, Angelo Lopez, Alan Amaya, Roland Ozuna, Ricky Ortiz, Isidro Yanez, Francisco Sepulveda, Eduardo Cabrera, Juan Guajardo, Norberto Becerra Jr., Jose Nieto, Diego Torees Tafolla, Jerry Medrano, Pedro Negrete Jr.


If you see them on a jobsite please wish them a Happy Birthday!

Call or email today to see how we can help with your next shutdown/turnaround/regularly scheduled (or emergency) maintenance projects! 

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