Podcast: The Wheelhouse, Recovery For Industrial Workers

Lanier Young, executive director, and Whitney Strickland, chairman, of The Wheelhouse, discuss the benefits and purpose of The Wheelhouse.

The Wheelhouse partners with donors and volunteers to provide a supportive environment and recovery tools where men can free themselves from the grip of alcohol and drug addiction to return to society as functional, useful and responsible members.

SINCE 1952, The Wheelhouse has taken in men who need one more chance…men who have nowhere else to go…men who have no hope. What started as simply one man, a recovered alcoholic, helping another alcoholic, has expanded into a life-changing model that has seen hundreds of men recover from the disease of alcoholism. This model is focused on building authentic relationships that help bring relational, physical, and spiritual healing and restoration to those served.

For more information please visit: www.thewheelhouse.org.