The Key To A Successful Business: Hire Great People

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The Key To A Successful Business: Hire Great People

The single most important factor in running a great business is having the right people in the right places. The first thing needed to run a successful business is hiring great people. I want to give a few characteristics that Tower Force looks for during the hiring process.

Whitney Strickland, VP of Sales, Tower Force
  •  Integrity: Plain and simple, integrity is being able to tell the truth in a timely manner. The person is able to address his or her mistakes immediately, so they can then be resolved quickly. This person follows the rules no matter what someone else may be doing. He or she is able to stay on the high road, although others may be gaining unfair advantages by doing things the wrong way. Determining whether or not a candidate has this integrity can be a different problem. A good way to measure a person’s integrity is by knowing his or her past or finding someone who knows that person’s past. Sometimes you can know the person has integrity by his or her manner and your own gut feelings about the person. Being able to tell if someone has integrity is a skill that is developed over many years of hiring people.
  • Intelligence: My own definition of intelligence does not include a college degree or certificate from a fancy university. I learned more as a boilermaker working in the field than in any college course I could have taken. Some of the most intelligent people I have ever met were working beside me as a craftsperson or foreman in the field. Although intelligence is important in selecting great people, it should not be the foremost determining factor.
  • Positive attitude: One of my practices around the office and in the field is something I learned from a seminar with Ed Foreman. It is based on 12 principles of positive thinking. The principle I use most is “terrific day.” When someone asks you how you’re doing, you should always respond with a resounding “terrific!” — no matter how you may think the day is going. Hiring personnel who have positive attitudes and surrounding them with others who have positive attitudes creates a positive atmosphere. This positive attitude is only part of the equation. The ability to energize others with a positive attitude should also be a criterion.
  • Organization: Being organized is a definite criterion for a great employee. Organized people can do more with fewer mistakes, which saves time and money, but it can be hard to tell if someone is organized during the interview process. Usually, candidates are dressed properly and groomed neatly, so they may look good in the moment, but do they really live that way? One of my tricks for a potential employee is to set up the interview just before lunch. Then, at lunchtime, I ask the person to take me to lunch in his or her car. It is very easy to tell how organized someone is when you hop in the person’s vehicle.
  • Resilience: Last but not least, resilience is the ability to pick yourself back up after a mistake and learn from those mistakes. The ability not only to learn from the mistakes but also be able to regroup with positive energy and a good attitude is a trademark of resilience. Look for personnel who have had tough experiences in their lives and have overcome obstacles, which is a good indicator for resilience. The personnel who have this trait of resilience can make for great leaders within the company in the future.

These are just a few traits to look for if you want to hire great people for your company. The real trick to acquiring great people is to already have great leaders who hire those personnel.

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Also published in BIC Magazine.


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