Tower Force Times – Vol 18 – Safety Is A Priority At Tower Force

Tower Force Safety Is A Priority

Tower Force has a 5+ year ZERO TRIR

Like many services in our business the Tower Force tower field services are a risk prone business that has to be mitigated by utilizing professionals for the work and site specific training before they arrive on the job. The expectation of the management at Tower Force is that each field professional brings with them the skills needed for the job including an attitude that safety is a priority. This formula has done well for Tower Force. After over 5 years in business Tower Force has an injury TRIR rate of ZERO and has been awarded the 2019 GPSA Midstream safety award for it’s effort in the midstream industry last year.

Turnaround your business - step 4

How to “turnaround” your business Step 4

Our resident writer and marketing guy Whitney Strickland is writing a series of articles for BIC magazine about how to turnaround your turnaround business in 12 steps. The latest article is on Step 4 which deals with taking an inventory not only of the business but yourself. You can read the full article here

If you haven’t read steps 1-3, we suggest you start here

Happy June Birthday to our Employees!

Rodrigo Trevino, Rafael Ramirez, Jose Hernandez, Octavio Salinas Jr., Benaia Espinosa, Cesar Montemayor, Thelma Torres, Noe Reyna, Charmella Guidry, Rodney Regalado, Sergio Flores, Jose Estrada Morales, Juan Carpio, Pedro Samaniego, Manuel Mendez, Merardo Mendez, Juan Maldonado, Jose Uresti, Armando Gutierrez, Rolando Seanz, Elijah Jones, Omar Camarillo, Asael Lopez, Rolando Lopez III, Carlos DeLeon, Rodolfo Bocanegro, Jesus Martinez Hernandez, David Silva, Jose Uriegas, Benjamin Ramirez, Efren Garcia, Ruben Trejo, Apolonio Miranda, Mario Morales, Erick Sanchez, Raul Garza Jr., Jesus Gonzalez, Jason Delgado, Daniel Olvera, Christian Granados, Fortino Villegas, Arturo Garza Jr., Jesus Pompa

If you see them on a job site please wish them a Happy Birthday!

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