About Us

Tower Force LLC, a Tower & Drum Specialty Contractor. Our expert Team here at Tower Force has decades of experience performing Safe, Successful and Quality projects. Our Projects are related solely to pressure vessel construction, modifications, repairs and alterations required on tray towers, packed towers, desalters, reactors as well as all other type pressure vessels within Refineries, Petrochemical, Chemical, Fertilizer, Gas and Ethanol plants throughout the USA and abroad.

What sets us apart?

Our Core Values!

  • Safety is our #1 Goal & intense Focus each and every day
  • Our unequaled Integrity & Professionalism
  • Our Teamwork within & with our Clients
  • Complete Customer satisfaction

Advantages over others!

  • Expert knowledge & experience that equals safe, accurate & timely Projects
  • Unrivaled ¬†Crafts & Supervision
  • World Class Alliance Partners
  • Unequaled 24/7 Emergency Response


We continually strive to provide a safe workplace for our most valued assets – our people – with an unwavering daily pursuit of zero incidents. Furthermore, we are dedicated to providing resources to our customers that are unparalleled in the Tower and Drum Specialty Discipline by offering unsurpassed teams that give our customers the highest quality work, efficient schedules and cost effective results.